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Cambridge is a city with many options for a college student. Here is a list of my favorite places, I think they will become yours as well!

  1. Great St. Mary's Church. If you pay two pounds and climb up the narrow staircase to the top, there is an amazing view of Cambridge. I promise there is nothing like it in the world.
  2. The Trailer of Life. This is nearly the only place open after 6 p.m. After a night of fun, there is nothing better than a burger from these guys.
  3. The Eagle Pub. First off, they have the best fish and chips I had on the entire trip. Also, on the ceiling of the RAF room men from WWII wrote their names and sometimes other notes with their cigarette butts.
  4. Punting on the River Cam. Punting is similar to the Gondola idea in Italy. You are in a small boat and one person has a long pole they shove into the ground of the river, pushing off the bottom. I would suggest trying to punt yourself the first time and then paying someone the second. You will appreciate not having to be the punter more if you know what it is like.
  5. Several of the Cambridge colleges. The colleges in themselves are amazing. For instance, Trinity College has an original, handwritten copy of Winnie-the-Pooh. It is probably the most famous as far as people assoicated with the college. Stephen Hawkings and Sir Isaac Newton have both held the top position there. King's College is probably the most famous as far as landmarks, that is the onw with the beautiful church. I never went in it, but that is something I regret.
  6. The University of Cambridge Library. Lets just say that it is massive. Every book that is printed in England must be sent there, it has some of the oldest books in the world.

This is a YouTube video done by a friend of mine from Cambridge. It is only about 30 seconds and it is a nice mini-tour. If it does not play directly from the site, just double-click on the video box and a YouTube window will pop up.