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What to Pack: Empty jar of peanut butter
  1. Camera, batteries will be for sale
  2. Journal
  3. Pictures of family and friends, they are a nice decoration for a bare room.
  4. A jar of peanut butter. It's just not the same anywhere else.
  5. Every type of clothing. I was in England for five weeks and the temperature ranged from about 60 degrees to about 100 degrees. That is not an exaggeration.
  6. Phone card
  7. Laptop
  8. Web cam-- only if you bring a laptop. I promise it will be useful, especially to talk to boyfriends/girlfriends back home.
  9. Perscription medication. Many will be over-the-counter in England, but not all.
  10. Unless you plan on buying new electric items, a voltage converter is needed. I would suggest bringing one so you have it right away.
What not to Pack:
  1. More than a travel-size of any generic medicines. They will be for sale at a drug store called Boots.
  2. More items that will be for sale are toiletries. Products like Dove and Pantene Pro-V will be for sale at the drug store.
  3. There is no need for you to buy a cell phone. First off, their are plenty of pay phones for the aforementioned phone card. Second, if you bring you laptop a Web cam is much better and more cost effective.
  4. If you are taking classes overseas and do not have room in your luggage, their is no need for you to bring notebook paper and the like. Stationary stores will have those items for sale.
  5. Unless you have a crazy obsession for an off-the-wall food item, there is no reason to bring any. (Except peanut butter, sandwiches just aren't the same with British peanut butter). There is a grocery store named Marks and Spencer in downtown. They have tons of food, and most of it is much better for you.

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