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Here are some of the resources I used and sites to help you. I hope this site was helpful and best of luck on your trip!

  1. University of Florida International/Study Abroad Web site
  2. UF Scholarship Web site
  3. Wikipedia List of British words not commonly used in the U.S.
  4. American and British spelling differences
  5. Unversity of Florida
  6. University of Cambridge

I also conducted an interview with a study abroad advisor named Kirsten Eller who specializes in the United Kingdom. She gave me the insight on applying to progams and added more cultural differences to the ones I remembered. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions; she has office hours every week where she meets with students.

My images are all off Google image searches. The YouTube video was taken by Bill Ballo, a telecommunication major at the Unversity of Florida. He went on the same trip as me.

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