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The UF International/Study Abroad Web site goes greatly in-depth about how to study abroad. For my purposes, I am going to explain the general idea of applying and what is specific to a Cambridge program.

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  1. Once you decide that you want to attend, there is a yellow form that the University of Florida International Center requires you fill out. This gives them general information about you and tells them the program you want.
  2. After a few days, you will be notified that your application is available online at UFIC. Fall 2006 is the first semester online applications are available. When you get the e-mail, a link will be attached. When you click on it, you will be taken to your application
  3. To get your application started, you have to click "apply." After that, words on the application page will turn into blue links that you can click on and submit different parts of the application. Many students miss this step and think that after they hit "apply" they are done, so be careful.
  4. For the Cambridge program, two letters of recommendation are required. At least one has to be from a professor, so I would begin thinking about that now. I personally asked my advisor in the College of Journalism. If you do not know any professors that well, I suggest taking the same route.
  5. The final item for the Cambridge program is a letter stating why you want to attend the program. This does not have to be very long, about a page. A good topic would be why you are particulary interested in Cambridge or in the country of England.

As I mentioned above, other programs have different requirements. However, there are similarities between them all.

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