Scengen acquis-(1985) measure by certain member states to gradually eliminate border controls.

Single European Act-(1986) adopted a program with 300 measures to improve the Community's Internal Market.

Single European Act-(1986) first revision of the Community Treaties. It changed the initiation of co-operation in Environmental Policy and foreign policy, granted a greater role in legislature to the European Parliament, formally recognized the European Council and gave European Parliament a greater role in legislature.

Treaty of the European Union-(1991) or Maastricht treaty allows them to set up an economic and monetary union, development of foreign and defence policies, Community powers in education, trans-European networks, industry, health, culture, consumer protection and development policy.

Fireworks over Maastricht

**Fireworks explode over in Maastricht, southern Netherlands where "the euro is ours" is projected when the idea of the single European currency was agreed and formalized in the Maastricht Treaty on Feb. 1992. AP Photo/Frits Widdershoven.**

European Security and Defense Policy(ESDP)-(1998) strengthens Europe's capacity for crisis management through NATO and EU. The EU can take on humanitarian and peacekeeping tasks where NATO can't.

Nice Treaty-(2000) set new arrangements for the size and composition of the EU commision and agreed on reforms to the sustem of Qualified Majority Voting in council.

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