Process of the EU's Progress has three parts.

Each member country has a weighted vote. More populated countries have more votes than smaller ones. At least 232 of a total of 321 must be cast for a decision to be made.

Votes must be cast by more than 50 percent of the member countries.

Votes must represent at least 62 percent of the population of the member countries.

The EU has made some transformational changes only some of which are creating the "single market" making business across Europe much easier from decreased cross-border bureaucracy, easier international trade, lower prices in Europe in general.

The EU's internal market is the largest in the world. Tariff between members are forbidden.

Some of their agenda includes freedom to trade and work, freedom, security, justice, aid for poorer EU regions, environmental proctection, agriculture support, global security and helping the economy.

Even US -EU initiatives have also moved forward in many areas, such as intelligence sharing, coordination of HIV/AIDS programs and efforts to promote political reform in the Middle East. Europeans and Americans have also come close to agreement on opening EU and US air-transport markets to each others' airlines.

Pres. Bush and EU Commission President

## President Bush poses with former EU Commision President Jose Manual Barroso at an EU Summit at the European Union Commission headquarters in Brussels Feb. 2005.(AP Photo above from Yves Logghe) **


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