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F Book

The history of the F Book began in 1925 with the publication of the first pocket-sized student manual for UF students. It contained the words to the fight song, the academic calendar, freshmen rules, etc. The inspiration for creating such a manual came from the Georgia Tech and their T Book. After the 1960s, the F Book started to disappear.

However, the summer of 2006 revived the F Book tradition after 40 years. The Alumni Association, with the help of help from the Florida Cicerones, gave out F Books to all incoming freshman at Preview this summer. Since then, the F Book has caught on and even alumni want their own copies. "I think since we are starting the tradition of the F Book at preview with the freshmen, we have definitely got a huge following," said Aston Caccia, UF Tradition Keepers Chair. The F Book, sold on campus and online, is currently out of stock and on back order. But don't worry, a new addition will be out next summer with improved pages.

The new F Book encourages students to become UF Tradition Keepers. There are a number of different levels, but the top level requires students to complete all 40 traditions in the F Book by providing picture proof. Once students complete all traditions, they are called "Golden University of Florida Tradition Keepers," and receive a gold UF TK medallion to wear at graduation.

The Student Alumni Association regularly sends out e-mails to it's members letting them know when a TK, Tradition Keeper, opportunity is coming up. "We have a large group of people turn out to the Tradition Keepers events. They are eager to complete the traditions. The response has been greater than we expected, which makes us excited to see the grow in the next couple years," said Caccia.

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