Here is a list of all the sources that were used the in the research and writing of this Web site.
  1. The Boombox Museum : A great Web site about where the boombox and the ghetto blaster.
  2. University of Michigan : This is where Madonna's picture came from.
  3. Wikipedia : This was a great source of information about the artists of the 80s and the albums that they made. It also was a good source for most of the pictures that were used in the slide shows. There is a disclaimer on the site about the use of pictures which states that all the pictures found on the Wikipedia site fall within the confines of the fair use doctrine.
  4. Provides a free slideshow feature. Also provided the music for the slideshows found on this site.
  5. Trouser Press : The "bible" of alt rock.
  6. Run's House: A source for the history of Run DMC. It is titled "It's Your Momma's Favorite Rapper."
  7. All of the pictures that are found on this Web site follow the principles of fair use and are: is of a lower resolution then the original, are used because there is no other free image that is available to depict the artist, s used solely to illustrate the artist or audio recording in question, is for purely educational reasons by a student and not for commercial gain, or is a promotional picture that is for publicity.