Pop Royalty
Madonna, Michael Jackson
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The King of Pop

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson made a name for himself way before the 80s. When he was just seven years old he was the frontman (or frontboy) of the Jackson 5. By the time the 80s rolled around, Michael Jackson was all grown up and ready to go solo. How did he get to be the King of Pop? He holds the title of having the best-selling album of all time with Thriller and also has won 13 Grammys. With the release of Thriller, Jackson proved that he could lay down a beat that people could dance to and give them lyrics that they could sing to. With his sometimes breath voice, Jackson shaped the direction of music in the 80s. In addition to shaping the music of the 80s, he also shaped the fashions and the dances of the 80s. Wearing only one glove and a leather jacket while doing the moonwalk became the utmost in cool. Jackson's title track off the Thriller album was an epic music video that pushed the limits of music video design. Nearly 15 minutes in length, the video for Thriller featured zombies, a werewolf and a lot of dancing. Jackson is still making music today, but his popularity is waning and it is his unusual lifestyle that is receiving the most attention. Regardless he is still a legend in music industry.

The Queen of Pop

Like the King of Pop, the Queen of Pop has a few titles and awards under her belt. Madonna is currently the highest earning female artist of all times, according the Guinness Book of World Records. She also has been awarded five grammys and has been pushing limits and shocking people while doing it. Her performance of the song, Like a Virgin at the MTV music awards is legendary. Wearing a white wedding dress Madonna writhed around on the stage while performing the song. Her video for Like a Prayer also sparked controversy with its mix of sex and religion. The controversy that Madonna stirrs up with her antics only led to more number one hits. Madonna's influence over the trends of the 80s extended to how people dressed. Corsets, garters and lacey underwear became the fashion. Madonna is still touring currently and putting out records.