Technology is here to stay

This Web site is dedicated to the music of the 80s. The 80s were a time of great change for a number of reasons, mainly advances in technology. The personal computer became available to the masses. Records were beginning to be replaced by the cassette tape, an easier way to listen to and store music. The VCR became the new way to record and watch TV and movies. Looking back at the technology of the 80s may now be laughable, but at the time it was cutting edge. In fact, the entire genre of new wave music was inspired by the use of synthesizers and computer generated music!

I want my MTV


So what does all this technology mumbo jumbo have to do with music? Well, a lot. Music Television (MTV) made its debut August 1, 1981. With the beginning of MTV a whole new age for music and the musicians began. The music video was able to provide viewers with images: telling a story ot allowing us a look at the band performing. It did for music what the TV did for radio. No longer was music just auditory, it was now visual too. It gave musicians another medium with which to express themselves. The early music videos were not much to speak of, usually just performance videos. Instead of trying to make out the band members faces on the cover of your cassette tape, you could actually see who the band was and watch them play. As more and more people began making music videos, the stories the videos told became more complex and used special effects and advanced camera shots. Now, musicians compete every year for the Best Video awards on several music channels.