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Interview: Nancy Alexandre

This interview with Nancy Alexandre was conducted the evening of November 18, 2006. She is a University of Florida sophomore and one of the many people waiting in line in front of Rhino Games. She took some time to answer a few questions.

  1. Why did you decide to wait here at Rhino Games?
  2. - Because Walmart didn't look as if they had any organized plans for the launch of the PS3, let alone the Wii. I figured that people would overlook Rhino for the larger retail stores and the people who worked there would be much more knowledgable about video games in general.
  3. So, what made you decide to get the Wii as opposed to the other two new consoles?
  4. - I've grown up with a Nintendo in my home and although right now, I only have a PS2, I still feel that loyalty toward Nintendo. I was extremely curious about the Wii remote and frankly, the Wii was the cheapest of them all.
  5. There was some serious commotion about the PS3's release. What are your feelings about waiting here for the Wii?
  6. - It has been really laid back and calm around here. The only problems we've been getting have been from people jeering or that minor explosive. I'm actually kind of happy that groups waiting for the Wii so far have been pretty well-behaved.
  7. Did you ever think about selling the Wii once you get it? Why?
  8. - I had absolutely no plans of selling my Wii. This console will be the first console that I ever had that was actually mine alone so I'm really excited about playing with it whenever I get some free time. I also think that the people who have plans to sell their consoles are just exploiting the desperation of gamers.
  9. I see that even in this small group, the girls are severely outnumbered by guys. Any thoughts about the female gaming demographics?
  10. - I wish there were more female gamers out there and hopefully the Wii can change that a little bit. Until the day when female gamers aren't the exception, I'll be enduring the endless cutthroat competitiveness of guys with a pained smile on my face.
  11. I'm with you on that one. Well, thank you for your time!
  12. - Welcome.