Season 9: New Orleans (2000)

new orleans cast

Members from top, left to right: Jamie Murray, David Broom, Matt Smith, Danny Roberts, Kelly Limp, Julie Stoffer and Melissa Howard.

Interesting Facts/Trivia

  • The cast's assignment was to work at a New Orleans public access television station, each week having one cast member be the producer of their segment.
  • Julie was suspended from Brigham Young University for violating their honor code while on the show. The honor code states that men and women who are not related or married are to not live under the same roof.
  • This season was the first to have a hidden relationship as Danny's boyfriend, a member of the military, appeared on the show with a blurred out face in fear of the repurcussions of being gay in the military.
  • The cast was the first and only to date, to appear on the cover of TV Guide (June 24, 2000 edition.)



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