Season 11: Chicago (2002)

chicago cast

Members from left to right: Keri Evans, Theo Gantt III, Aneesa Ferreira, Kyle Brandt, Cara Kahn, Chris Beckman and Tonya Cooley.

Interesting Facts/Trivia

  • The cast and their home were subject to protests from many local residents of Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood (site of their house.) The protestors complained--by throwing bricks at windows and paint on their door--of their fears of the show bringing gentrification to the area, amongst other things. None of this was ever shown when the series aired, however.
  • The show was being filmed when the attacks on September 11th occurred--an occurrence which led producers to allow televisions at the house so the cast could hear the reporting of the crisis.
  • The September 11th episode is the highest rated show episode of any show on MTV, according to Nielsen Media.
  • Kyle went on to act in NBC's soap opera, Days of Our Lives.



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