Season 1: New York (1992)

new york cast

Members from left to right: Eric Nies, Norman Korpi, Kevin Powell, Andre Comeau, Becky Blasband, Heather Gardner and Julie Gentry.

Interesting Facts/Trivia

  • All seven members were pursuing big dreams in the city: a dancer (Julie), a model (Eric), a rapper (Heather), a writer (Kevin), an artist (Norman), a rock musician (Andre), a singer (Becky).
  • While on a trip with the girls to Jamaica, Becky gets romantically involved with one of the directors of the show. Crossing the fine line between the creators and the personalities, the director was ultimately dismissed from the series for breaking contract rules.
  • Eric Nies went on to be an on-air talent producer for MTV and was inducted to the Television and Broadcaster's "Hall of Fame" for his pioneering work in reality television.

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