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What to Look For

While a collector's research on a jersey may never be fully completed, there are several things to be aware of during the research. Many times, a jersey can tell the story of its journey if the collector knows what to look for. The following are suggestions from jersey expert Milt Byron of Byron's Hockeyland.

Alternate Captain Check team, set and player history
Check past rosters and make sure the player played for the team during the season the jersey is from. Also, make sure the jersey is a number the player wore. If the jersey has a captain's "C" or alternate's "A," make sure the player was a captain or alternate and at what point.

While a set tag may be present and indicate a year, teams are known for recycling jerseys to be used again in the pre-season, so don't rely too heavily only on set tags.

Size tag Check jersey size and properties
Make sure the jersey is the proper size for the player who is said to have worn it. Also, make sure to verify all the stitching on the jersey to make sure it is consistent with other jerseys of the same year for the same team. This means making sure the numbers are in the right place and that the nameplate is made of the right material. It is also important to verify the jersey's tagging to make sure it is consistent with jerseys of the same team and era.

Check for propper and consistent wear
Check for the various types of jersey wear and repairs. If possible find other jerseys worn by the same player and see if the wear is similar. Make sure if a jersey is well-worn that the interior wear is consistent with external wear.

Serial number inside a jersey Verify jersey paperwork
While a letter or certificate of authenticity never makes a jersey authentic, they can sometimes still be helpful. Some jerseys, such as those sold by the MeiGray Group as well as the Detroit Red Wings, have serial numbers on their certififcates that match tags or holograms inside the jersey. These serial numbers can also be matched to databases stored by the seller or team.

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