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Jerseys in action The most important step in a jersey's journey is the game or games in which it is worn. During a game, the players, and therefore the jerseys, go through abuse from game play. Every time a player gets hooked, blocks a shot or gets pummeled into the boards, the jersey on his back earns a battle scar of its own.

Every jersey's wear is unique – almost like its own fingerprint. The marks, tears and other wear on a jersey can help immensely in photomatching. Also generally speaking, jerseys with more wear tend to be more marketable and sought after by collectors.

Type and location of wear on a jersey can indicate a player's playing style. For example, goaltender jerseys tend to show lots of wear on the front from puck marks, few board burns and little wear on the back other than from contact with the goal itself. Power forwards like Keith Primeau's jerseys tend to show more wear on the sleeves from reaching out to fend off the opposition and protect the puck on the way to the net.

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