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Neck Tagging A jersey's tagging is another great way to pinpoint when a jersey was worn. It can also be another step toward ensuring a jerseys' authenticity. Many times, the tagging in a game-worn or game-issued jersey is different from any jersey a person can purchase in the store as a souvenir – even the "on-ice authentic" jerseys that are marketed as being what the players wear on the ice.

Neck Tagging

Most jerseys have tagging in the neck. This tagging usually indicates the size of the jersey and sometimes the manufacturer. Some teams, like the Edmonton Oilers and Pittsburgh Penguins, also have special team tags or tags to indicate the company that lettered the jersey as well. Equipment staff members sometimes write jersey numbers on the neck tagging.

Set Tagging

Set Tagging Because teams wear multiple sets of jerseys during a season, some teams include set tagging inside jerseys. Set information can be sewn, screened or even hand written into a jersey. Set tags can be useful tools in pinpointing when a jersey was worn but should not be used to guarantee authenticity.

Other Tagging

AFL-CIO Tag Jerseys sometimes contain other inside tagging. For example, Starter jerseys for certain teams had an inside tag for the AFL-CIO Garment Workers Union that manufactured the jerseys. Other jerseys of various manufacturers have tags with washing instructions. Some players, like Wayne Gretzky, have custom tags sewn into their jerseys with family member names on them.

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