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The following is a list of resources that can be helpful in authenticating a jersey and learning about its journey. This is a great starting point for all things hockey jerseys. It is home to the largest game-worn jersey forum on the Internet, and its members have countless years of combined experience. There are many useful links as well as a jersey marketplace. This site has a wealth of statistics and player numbers for almost every league and season. It also has information about any awards a player may have won as well as an extensive collection of team logos and other history.

Getty Images GettyImages is the world's largest provider of imagery, film and digital services. There is a huge database of NHL photos that can be useful for photomatching. The NHL home page is a great resource for statistics, links and photos for photomatching. Player statistics are broken down into a game-by-game statistic, so it can be helpful in fining out what was accomplished by a player during the time a jersey was worn. This site is a database of images and information about jerseys. It is useful when trying to compare a jersey's tagging, lettering or date.

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