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Repairs and Customizations


Hockey players come in all shapes, sizes and playing styles, so it is only fitting that their jerseys do too. Many players require jerseys to be altered or customized to make them fit better. Some like their sleeves shortened, while others like them extended. Some require extra-wide jerseys while others need them to be taken in.

The job of jersey customization typically rests on the shoulders of the team equipment staff. Some customizations are clean and look as though the jersey was manufactured that way, and others can be downright crude – depending on time and complexity of the alteration. This can make customizations a good tool and reference point in photomatching a jersey.


A jersey tearing Throughout the game, a jersey goes through some serious wear and tear. Many times, holes and tears need to be repaired to prevent further damage, and allow the player to continue to wear the jersey.

As with jersey alterations, different equipment staffs have different repair styles. Some simply stitch back and forth over the tear, while others, like the LA Kings equipment staff, use additional material for stronger repairs.

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