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Stains Whether it's blood from an enforcer defending his team's honor or paint from a goal post hugged by a netminder to prevent a puck from squeaking by, a hockey jersey is subject to a variety of stains. Teams usually try their hardest to wash these stains between games or even periods, but sometimes they remain on the jersey. Common stains include, sweat, blood and paint.

Fight Strap Salt & Rust

Fight strap rust Modern fight straps usually use metal snaps for closure. When a player sweats, the salt from the sweat collects in the metal snaps, leaving a white residue behind. The sweat can even cause the metal snaps to rust – sometimes to the point where they rust shut.

Wear from Washing

Tag wear from washing A regular part of a jersey's journey through the season is washing. While it can help clean out stains, washing takes its toll on a jersey.

Washing can cause a jersey's colors to fade or even bleed, especially on patches. It can also cause damage and fraying to letters, numbers and any unrepaired holes. Also, any tags inside a jersey will get softer and usually more wrinkled the more it is washed.

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