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Jerseys The question "where do jerseys go when a team is finished using them?" has a pretty complicated answer. The truth is that different teams have different practices. What makes the answer even more complicated is that jersey-distribution practices can change on a season-to-season basis.

For years, many jerseys have made their way into the hands of collectors through equipment staff in back-door deals. Other teams release their jerseys through auctions to benefit team charities. These auctions can fetch extremely high prices.

Commonly, some teams have formed partnerships with game-worn jersey dealers to market their jerseys. For example, one of the best-known partnerships is the NHL-MeiGray Group Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program, which existed from the 2002-03 through the 2005-06 seasons. This program partnered 22 NHL teams with the MeiGray Group to market pre-season, regular-season and playoff jerseys directly to collectors.

For teams that do not form partnerships with dealers or rarely (if ever) conduct charity auctions, a jersey's journey can be unclear. These jerseys tend to be more sought after because of the lack of supply.

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