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Jersey Classifications

Hockey jerseys can classified into a few categories depending on when/if a jersey was worn and for which purpose it was made. There is some dispute as to when a jersey necessarily fits into a certain category, and many collectors prefer not to classify jerseys, but here are a few general guidelines.


The game-worn classification is generally reserved for any jersey that was worn by a player for any part of a game or multiple games. There is some debate in this category when a jersey is worn either simply in pre-game warm-ups or by a backup goaltender sitting on the bench. Some collectors tend to classify these jerseys as team issued.


A team-issued jersey is any jersey that is made up to team specifications but not actually worn by a player. Team-issued jerseys are typically identical to game-worn jerseys, minus the wear.

Preseason/Regular Season/Playoffs

Jerseys are typically classified as being worn during the preseason, the regular season or the playoffs. Regular season and playoff jerseys are usually identical, but there are often differences with preseason jerseys. Some teams, like the New York Rangers and the Detroit Red Wings use different lettering on their preseason jerseys, screening the names onto a nameplate instead of sewing them.

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