Where are trans-fats found?

Trans fat can be found in:




Unlike other fats, the majority of trans fat is formed when food manufacturers turn liquid oils into solid fats like shortening and hard margarine. A small amount of trans fat is found naturally, primarily in some animal-based foods.

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They are also commonly found in restaurant food, especially fast food. You can also make your own trans fat (in small amounts) by repeatedly re-heating cooking oil.

But how do we REALLY know what we're eating?

We're forced to rely on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Nutrition Facts Label and trust that food manufacuturers are honest about what they are processing in our food.

Before January 2003, trans-fat was dubbed the "lurking fat" and the "silent clogger" because businesses were not required to disclose the amounts of trans-fats in their products. Laws have since been passed to require this information on all food labels, with 100% compliance required by January of this year.