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Many experts today are blaming celebrities and television shows for the self-esteem problems many girls suffer from. With shows like MTVs "I Want a Famous Face," ABCs "Extreme Makeover," and Foxs "The Swan," teenagers and young adults are being bombarded by images of other teenagers getting plastic surgery and in the end feeling beautiful and having great self esteem. These shows reinforce the notion that you need to have surgery and change your appearance to be considered beautiful. They also give teenagers unrealistic expectations of having cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Rod Rohrich, ASPS president agreed saying, "The new wave of plastic surgery reality television is a serious cause for concern. Some patients on these shows have unrealistic and, frankly, unhealthy expectations about what plastic surgery can do for them."

In this photo released by Fox television, Tuesday, June 21, 2005, an unidentified woman, center, is seen, during a plastic surgery post operative visit with Dr. Randal Haworth, in a scene from the Fox reality show "The Swan." The Writers Guild of America, west, is demanding that companies that produce television reality shows such as "The Swan" and "The Apprentice" provide union wages and benefits to people who sift through hundreds of hours of footage to craft story lines. The WGA claims reality shows have become cash cows for the networks in large part because producers don't have to pay union wages and benefits. (AP Photo/Fox)

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