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Singer Ashlee Simpson "laughed off"rumors that she had a distinctive bump removed from her profile.

Simpson is not the only celebrity who has been scrutinized by the vulture-like paparazzi. In fact, almost every celebrity has been a target at least once in the past. There are entire Web sites dedicated to exposing celebrity's plastic surgery procedures.

Celebrities are under immense amounts of pressure to maintain a likeable persona- this includes maintaining a near-perfect appearance. Many have plastic surgery secretly as to not tarnish their image. But some openly admit to having the procedures.

According to an article in Life, Style, Extra "the star women think has most improved herself with cosmetic surgery is Demi Moore followed by Sharon Osbourne, Anne Robinson, Danni Minogue, Pamela Anderson and Goldie Hawn."

nicole richie

In this Nov. 2004 photo supplied by FOX, Nicole Richie reacts to a medical procedure performed by Dr. Eric A. Marchant,left, in Dolyestown,Pa., in the "Plastic Surgery" episode of Fox's "The Simple Life 3: Interns" which airs Wednesday night, Feb. 23, 2005. She and Paris Hilton spent a day with the suburban Philadelphia plastic surgeon. (AP Photo/Fox, Michael Yarish)

The procedure, Botox injections, reduces wrinkles and frown lines. The effects are temporary and require several injections a year to keep the youthful appearance desired by Botox's users. Read more about this procedure on the procedures page.

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