Colombia is a country of contradictions, a country of stunning skylines in modern cities and of pristine natural beauty, of modern highways and cobblestone streets. Colombia is home to both a warm, exuberant people and to guerilla troops considered among the most ruthless and violent the world over.

For over forty years, Colombia and its people have been the victims of violence and volatility. Abject poverty, class struggle, political corruption, left-wing rebel groups and right-wing paramilitary factions, all fueled and funded by the multi-billion dollar drug trade have combined to make of this beautiful, resource rich country a mess of instability and insecurity.

An instrument of terror. A political chess game with human pawns. A family's worst nightmare. Kidnapping is all this and more. The explosive growth of the kidnapping industry is one of the most alarming developments in Colombia's troubled history . For years, the country has garnered the shameful distinction of being the kidnapping capital of the world. For those of us living in the safety and stability of the developed world, it is almost impossible to understand what it is like to live in a country that averages eight kidnappings a day and where nearly everyone has felt his heart sink at hearing that a loved one has gone missing.

This site is dedicated to raising awareness of the suffering of the Colombian people and to helping those of us far from Colombia to better understand this complex, fascinating and heart-breaking country.