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Starting Your Search

No matter what your background or level of experience, you can make it in the design industry with a little ingenuity, talent and lots of hard work. But where do you begin?

Generally, the creative realm is less academic than other fields, but there is no reason to assume you can make it in a design-related career without a formal education. Of course there will always be exceptions; you may ask, "What about so-and-so who is a successful web-designer, and he/she hasn't even stepped foot on a college campus, let alone taken a design class!?"

Yes, some people will be naturally successful, self-taught and talented. After all, the richest man in the world (Link somewhere) was a college dropout! But that doesn't mean you can do the same and expect to be worth billions. Let's face it: the majority of design students need some sort of certificate or degree to land a job as a graphic designer.