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Different Paths

Web Development

In recent years, the web design field has exploded even though the initial "dot-com" excitement has subsided. There is greater demand than ever for visually and technologically talented individuals to create impressive content for the web.

Because the Internet is changing so rapidly, web designers need to learn and stay on top of the newest technologies, techniques, and design standards that are constantly being developed and used in web design. Training in both graphic design and computer technology is a great background for a career in web design.

Since web technology is increasingly more advanced, interactive and visually stimulating than ever, knowledgeable web designers in today's multimedia fields have led to enormous employment growth in these areas. With proper training in web design, you will be prepared for entry-level positions as a web designer in areas such as advertising, entertainment, web development, multi-media design, and e-commerce.

The web is also highly lucrative. It is not uncommon for entry-level designers with web capabilities to earn up to $10,000 more per year than traditional designers.