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Different Paths

The Advertising Agency

Like in design firms, advertising agencies house teams of designers. These creative teams consist of designers, creative directors, and copywriters -- those who come up with the slogans, text, and content of advertisements. These individuals must always work together in order to produce successful and coherent advertisements.

While one usually thinks of traditional advertising as mostly television, radio, and print ads, creatives in the advertising field must also be able to utilize new media creatively. Modern advertising is increasingly integrated and interactive, and creatives must be aware of how media is changing and have new ideas about how it can be used in the future.

Designers in advertising agencies must be talented and creative, and able to work with people who are often of dissimilar mindsets. Unlike in graphic design firms, advertising creatives must constantly be aware of how their ideas and projects interact with the business side of the industry. Special care must be taken to ensure that creativity does not detract from the message and ultimate strategy of an advertising campaign.

Advertising creatives must also be patient and diligent, and able to sell their ideas effectively. Since the bottom line of any campaign is to produce results (be them awareness, sales, or image improvement), many of the most creative and innovative ideas are scrapped because they are hard to understand or complex.

One of the most exciting aspects of working at a an advertising agency is the diversity of the projects designers come across. For example, in one day you may go from designing ads for cars to ads for beauty supplies. This requires the ultimate in creative minds -- as nothing is redundant and no day is the same as the one before.

Unfortunately, advertising trends change quickly, and it is not rare for creative talent to change even faster. With improving and modernizing technology and lifestyles, people have a harder and harder time keeping up with new trends, ideas and products. Creatives must strive to stay aware of trends, for they can be replaced with younger, fresher talent.