Pharrell Williams is the lead singer of N.E.R.D. and the more prominent half of the production duo The Neptunes.

Williams grew up in Virginia Beach, where he met both Chad and Shay. He had always been involved in music by playing in the school's bands. In most interviews he talks fondly of the school's jazz band program.

He was discovered while still in high school and would go to the studio every day after classes to work on his future career in music.

Williams never attended college, but commends those who do. He often makes appearances on Mtv and BET talking about how important education is.

launching his solo career. The man who has said numerous times that he has always hated his own voice is loved by millions and, after a single solo song on his label's first compilation album, the fans demanded more of his crooning.

His second solo single is out now but gets little airplay on the radio. The release date for Williams' debut album has been pushed back to December 13 of this year. The fans have asked for it and in less than a month we'll know if Pharrell Williams is a real solo artist or if he must rely on N.E.R.D. for sales.