Virginia is known for its beautiful beaches and cultural events. More and more it is also becoming known for its musical influence on all genres of music.

The city of Virginia Beach stays warm most of the year, with a high average temperature of 78 in July and August. The low average temperature is 40 in January.

All three members of N.E.R.D. grew up in Virginia Beach and graduated from high schools in the area (Williams from Princess Anne High School in 1993, and Hugo from Kempsville High School in 1992).

The city covers 258.7 square miles, most of which is housing and commercial sites. The tourists stay mostly on the beach itself, where they enjoy clear water and small souvenir shops.

One popular tourist spot is the Virginia Marine Science Museum, where you can take boat trips and see Virginia's marine life up close. Dolphins and whales are frequently seen on these trips.