N.E.R.D., an acronym for No one Ever Really Dies, is the alter ego of production team The Neptunes.

Consisting of super-producers Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo, along with their buddy Sheldon “Shay” Haley, N.E.R.D. samples jazz, rock, hip hop and soul for an eclectic sound that sets them apart from other groups in the music industry.

The three use N.E.R.D. to explore sounds that The Neptunes don’t get to play with while making songs for other artists. Even though they have worked with artists from all genres of music – from Jay-Z to Marilyn Manson, Britney Spears to The Rolling Stones, and No Doubt to country singer Christie Carter – they are only able to fuse the various styles together on their own albums.

After releasing two albums under Virgin Records, the group split from the label in March of 2004. Since then, no songs have been released from the trio, but The Neptunes continue to create smash hits for other artists and Pharrell’s first single off of his forthcoming solo album has been playing on airwaves since October of 2005.

Their first album, In Search Of, showed the world that rock and rap can mesh successfully with jazz and blues. Pharrell's boyish voice jumps over the notes as he screams phrases like "You can't be me I'm a rock star" and "Girl you don't know what you are, you are my baby doll . . . you're my alien from s-p-a-c-e."

Second of their lp's is Fly or Die, a more sophisticated sounding album that showcases rock undertones and more serious lyrics. Pharrell sings about contemplating suicide and running away from home, along with a hidden track about the paparazzi.

The group has several remix singles and live albums with their most loved songs, along with appearances on albums of artists that appreciate their group's sound as well as The Neptune's production talents.