Sleep problems are not associated with health conditions or physical problems.


Sleep problems are associated with some sort of health condition, such as asthma, heartburn, cancer, depression, arthritis, etc.


Acute insomnia is characterized by sleep difficulty that lasts anywhere between one night to a few weeks. It affects about 50% of adults(11). This type of insomnia is caused by emotional or physical discomfort or stress or a single even that is particularly distressing. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, causes of acute insomnia can include significant life stress (job loss, etc.), illness, environmental factors like noise or light, and things like jetlag or a change in time zone.


Chronic insomnia is more prolonged than acute insomnia and is characterized by sleep difficulty that occurs very frequently, at least three nights in a week occurring over a time span of a month or more. A nationwide study by the Association of Sleep Disorders Center concluded that physical ailments such as problems breathing or abnormal muscle activity cause sleep disruption and account for the increasing number of individuals who diagnose themselves with insomnia. Causes of insomnia will be further discussed in a different portion of the Web site.