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The Dissappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

Arranged Business

On July 30, 1975, Hoffa had arranged a business meeting with old friend, Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano, and Detroit Mobster, Anthony "Tony Jack" Giacalone, at Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Bloomfield Township in Michigan.

Red Fox Resturant, Hoffa's last sighting.

The reason for this particular meeting was believed to discuss his intention to run once again for the presidency of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and regain his position that was stripped from him after his convictions (Bruno 2).

The car in which Hoffa was picked up in was a maroon 1975 Mercury Marquis Brougham.A truck driver, after nearly hitting him, recounted seeing Jimmy in the backseat behind the driver; he also happened to see an object covered with a blanket resembling a shotgun or rifle (Bruno 2). The Mercury Marquis was traced back to Hoffa's close friend, Charles "Chuckie" O'Brien, who had actually lived with the Hoffa family at one time.

Type of car Hoffa was last seen in.

Investigators believed that Jimmy was comfortable enough with Chuckie's presence and that was the only reason why he would get into the car. The car strangely enough was actually owned by Joseph Giacalone, the son of "Tony Jack" and at the time was being borrowed by O'Brien (Seper 1). Investigators also discovered that "Tony Jack" and "Tony Pro" had sound alibis', and knew nothing about the meeting with Hoffa.

He was pronounced legally dead in 1982.