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The Dissappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

Richard Nixon

President Richard Nixon, according to Crime Magazine, had allegedly taken part in the death of President Kennedy. It has been believed by some that Nixon hired the mafia to carry out the killing. And guess who was also believed to be involved with the plans and arrangements for the assasination? Hoffa. So, was Hoffa's pardon from Pres. Nixon simply a payback from a friend?

Sam Giancana, a Chicago godfather, told relatives he was in Dallas, November 22, 1963 to supervise the Kennedy assassination. Later he claimed, both "'Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson knew about the whole damn thing'" (qtd. Fulsom 6). Giancana was to appear before a Senate assassin committee who were performing investigations in 1975, but he was murdered before he got to the meeting. Seven .22 caliber bullets were blasted into his mouth and neck, mafia symbolism for talking too much (Fulsom 9). Also, the week of the Kennedy assassination there were many mafia meetings taking place in and around Dallas by the major players, some included: Hoffa, Oswald, and Nixon. Strangely enough, Nixon was in Dallas on November 20 for a meeting with the Pepsi, co., but could not recall his whereabouts two days later when questioned by the FBI (Fulsom 2). Most all Americans, alive and of age to remember, can recall where they were the day of Kennedy's assassination.

There many more instances where Nixon was involved with the mafia. FBI agents suspected that he borrowed one million dollars to hush the Watergate burglars (Fulsom 20). Nixon also made a presidential move to discontinue the use of "mafia" in the Justice Department, as if the name was slander. He also bragged about a meeting he had in the Oval Office with the Supreme Council of the Sons of Italy. And lastly, he sided with at least 20 mafia figures during trials, and halted FBI surveillance operations that were penetrating the mob connections (Fulsom 23). But, regardless of the President's or local mafia figures wishes after leaving prison, Hoffa had one and only one intention: to regain control of the Teamsters.