Music to go.

So, now the world had affordable, universal music, but they were still locked within their homes with their record players. The invention of magnetic tape set the music lovers free.

Music up until the point of the invention of the walkman was still a somewhat shared event. People listened in the living room to the radio with the family. The invention of magnetic tape, cassettes, and thus the portable walkman with headphones, transformed the music listening experience once again. Music became a personal experience.

The Reader's Digest book on the last century, "Our Glorious Century," also emphasis the impact portable music had on how the world listened to music.

"The change in how Americans listened to music was revolutionary. Portable stereos and audiocassette players , complete with earphones, became the rage. No longer bound to indoor stereos , music lovers took their favorite tapes almost everywhere" (408).

The walkman gave the listener freedom. With portability, music became more and more an isolated event.