No More

No More playing live

Jennifer, singing her heart out

Another of No More's many shows

Danny on the drums

Calling themselves punk rock to save the world, No More was founded in 1992, about 13 years ago. With Cory on the metal guitar and vocals, Jesse on bass and vocals, Danny on drums and Jennifer writing the lyrics and on vocals and guitar, the group is trying to support the evolution of consciousness through their music.

Many of their songs are based on the work of authors like Noam Chomsky, Daniel Quinn, Ray Bradbury, Ken Carey and Fredrick Douglas. Other songs are based activism and politics. The band has opened for acts like Less Than Jake, Against Me!, Supertones, and Against All Authority. When not on tour, the band enjoys playing in many local benefit shows like the Gainesville Rockathon.

You can find more songs, lyrics and information about upcoming shows at their website