pre-FF VII
FF X-2

In 2001, Square released another moving hit in its tenth addition to the Final Fantasy saga. In this story, a time of peace known as the "Calm" is nearing its end, and so a brave soul embarks on a pilgrimage. This quest will bring about demanding tests to the person who will travel, awarding the successor a powerful guardian to summon. The journey will be a difficult path, and, in the end, it will take away the life of the brave soul; but all in the name of continuing the Calm for the people.

Sounds like this is a job for someone; a job for someone that is courageous, strong, and unfaltering in every decision. Sounds like a job for the main hero. Enter Tidus, a young cheerful teenager that enjoys playing blitzball (the equivalent to football in popularity) and struggles with disappointments from his father. This is the main hero, the man you will play with. But this is not his quest.

This is her story. Yuna is the main female lead to embark on this sad, essential journey; she will take on the main quest. She is young and determined, willing to make the greatest sacrifice she can to protect the people of the land. Yuna will fight by Tidus' side, using a rod and her learned ability (by earning their respect in numerous trials) to call down spirits, or "Aeons." Of course, there is the added romance between Yuna and Tidus, but this time it's different. This woman is leading the way, in her calm, level manner, and accepts her responsibility to a purpose few would dare to embark on.

Yuna is someone women gamers around the world can relate with. Beyond Aeris' innocent sweetness and Tifa's jealous brawn (and well beyond Rosa's ignorant helplessness), Yuna has established a strong personality all her own. She has both of Aeris' and Tifa's good qualities and mixes in some new ones, including being more intelligent than our main hero. Yuna is both physically strong and mentally prepared for difficult times ahead, and all without a size 36DDD cup.