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The extent to which democracy functions is to the credit or failure of the press. As journalists, our loyalty lies with the masses to whom we should be held accountable, and to the truth. Having said this, we must recognize that "the truth" is subjective-- even facts and figures are subject to interpretation. There is no single truth, and because there is not, we must work to create more diversity in media so that a variety of viewpoints (when taken together) can provide the community with a truer, clearer picture of our society.

As Truth Tellers, we are critical of mainstream, corporate-owned, entertainment-driven media as it exists today: an entity growing exponentially in profits and corporate consolidation, but shrinking daily in diversity of viewpoints. We reject the current system, which concentrates the power of the media in the hands of a few rich, white men. Instead of being a vital democratic tool for informing the public about important issues in our communities, the press is used by CEOs and politicos for mass deception and personal gain.

As journalists of conscience, we must work both within the mainstream media to help make it more fair, and outside of the mainstream media in order to provide the public with immediate alternatives to corporate news.

Please join us in this fight by pledging yourself to the Truth-Teller's Principles.