Newsroom Diversity

Many faces, many voices.

As a field that is dominated by men and whites, it is important that journalists of conscience support women and minorities in the newsroom. This means not making jokes or public judgements about women for how they look or talk, or what they wear-- this perpetuates an already pervasive attitude in journalism (particularly in broadcasting) that a woman's looks are more important than her abilities. It also says that you do not take her seriously as a co-worker.

Don't make jokes or public judgements about minorities-- this perpetutates racist attitudes in the newsroom. If you hear people making predjudiced comments, call them on it. Double-check that you are treating women and people of color fairly in your coverage. If you are unsure, ask a woman or person of color if they think something is sexist/racist (and be prepared to accept her honest answer). As journalists of conscience, we should work to eradicate any prejudices that might undermine our solidarity or hinder fair news coverage.

Some sensitivity issues to watch out for:
This is by no means an exhaustive list. Consult other progressive sources for sensitivity questions not listed.