An Agent
of Change

Journalism as activism.

Every single person has a vested interest in the workings of our society: some in keeping things as they are, others in radically changing how our society works. That's why journalism is so important. Like it or not, journalism is an agent of change. Everything we say and do will have consequences for years to come.

We cannot let fear, comfortability, or corporate sponsorship stop us from confronting the status quo and ferreting out the truth. As members of this society, we have a stake in changing it. We can no longer afford to be idle observers and armchair activists. We must muckrake, shake things up, push for change. Read up on some of the journalists who did this: Ida Tarbell, Susan B. Anthony, I.F. Stone, Edward Murrow, etc. We have much to learn from our history.

In order to make positive change in our society, we encourage journalists to pledge to uphold the Truth-Teller's principles. We also encourage you to create, work for, and/or support independent and alternative media whenever possible. If you work within main- stream, corporate media (which most journalists do), then do whatever you can to make that news organization better: cover local activist groups more, be active in your local union, demand more diversity in the newsroom, stick up for women and minorities, and talk to your co-workers about these ideas.

Thank you for seeking out and telling the truth.

Journalism cannot reach its full potential without discourse and debate among members of the press, and criticism from the public we serve.
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