Oolong Tea

Of the four forms of Camellia sinensis leaves, oolong is the least popular and least researched. It is most well known as a green tea/black tea hybrid because, although it looks and tastes like green tea, it is fermented and has a greater amount of caffeine. It has a very distinctive, mellow taste that cannot easily be complemented with sweeteners; some believe it is an acquired taste.

The biggest health benefits that oolong tea is known for is weight loss. Much like green tea, the EGCG in oolong tea is hailed to stimulate metabolism to burn more calories. Interestingly enough, weight loss from oolong tea comes from fat stored under the skin, which suggests that those with a big belly who are looking for a way to lose it should give oolong tea a shot. To a lesser extent, oolong tea is also known to be helpful in the fight against aging skin.10

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