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"There were three of us in the marriage, so it was a bit crowded." -Diana(6)

At the young age of 20, Diana married Charles at St. Paul's Cathedral in London on July 29, 1981. Global television and radio audience is estimated at 1,000 million people. The wedding reception was held at Buckingham Palace. Diana was the first Englishwoman to marry an heir to the throne for 300 years (4). Her father had just recovered from a brain hemorrhage when he led Diana down the aisle (1).

Diana quickly became involved in the official duties of the Royal Family after becoming a Princess (4). At the beginning of the marriage, Diana also focused on creating "domestic bliss." All Diana ever longed for was a happy marriage. She didn't just love Charles, she adored him (2).

True love on both sides survived a difficult adjustment the first few years. Prince Charles did his best to understand Diana and be patient when she suffered from bulimia, effects of which began to show a few months after William's birth. Best efforts aside, the couple began to drift apart. In his book, Burrell tells of accounts of Prince Charles leaving the Highgrove estate in the evening to presumably go visit Camilla Parker Bowles, a former romance. Burrell was also sent on private assignments from Diana to bring her "special friend" Major James Hewitt to visit her secretly. "I was helping engineer her happiness," Burrell said. Hewitt, however, was a visitor much long after Camilla. To Burrell, the Princess was just equaling her husband's deceit (2).

The royal couple announced in December 1992 they had agreed to separate. Late in life, Diana had wished a more informed account would portray her true love for Charles. She felt the public was not given an accurate impression of their relationship. "The Princess had love for Charles that never fully disappeared," wrote Burrell (2).

On November 20, 1995, Diana was interviewed on BBC's Panorama and described problems such as post-natal depression, the breakdown of her marriage and claims her husband didn't want to be king (5). Diana spent many hours trying to figure out why her marriage had failed. In her final year, Diana was constantly getting rid of things that reminded her of her marriage. The couple was officially divorced on August 28, 1996. The divorce settlement left Diana a lump sum payment of 17 million pounds. It did, however, take away her royal status. This upset Diana, and Burrell recalls William comforting his mother saying, "Don't worry, Mummy, I will give it back to you one day, when I am king." In a letter Diana wrote to Burrell the day of her divorce, Diana wrote, "A part of me will always love Charles, but how I wish he'd looked after me and been proud of my work." (2)