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"Helping people in need is a good and essential part of my life, a kind of destiny." - Diana(8)

While many people around the world know who Princess Diana is, much of her personal life was never exposed. Although this should be a blessing, given her life in the media spotlight, it is because of false media coverage the true Diana was never revealed. Even Mother Teresa admired Diana for her empathy and work with the disadvantaged. From the start, crowds came to see her (1). And to the end, Diana remained a "figure of public fascination and affection" (5).

She was a caring and loving mother to Princes William and Harry. And even though infidelity on both sides was a common occurence in her marriage to Prince Charles, Diana never wanted to be divorced (2). Whatever pain and personal problems Diana encountered, she always put on a smile for her public. She had a unique way of putting people at ease with her humor and attention to detail (1).

The Princess was always close to her staff and genuinely cared about them. Paul Burrell, a butler to the Royal Family and author of "A Royal Duty," recalled how friendly Diana was. "I found it both extremely embarrassing and flattering that the Princess spent so much time with us," he said (2).

Diana was always able to combine the "purity of her youthful looks" with the "stunning sensuality" of a sophisticated woman. She was often complimented for her carefully planned wardrobe. She always had a love for American clothing, such as baseball hats and cowboy boots (1). "She is genuinely beautiful. I don't know why she needs me really," said Barbara Daly, her make-up artist (5).

Although she was renowned for her style, she was also well-known for her charitable work. During her marriage, Diana was the president of over 100 charities. After her divorce, she resigned most of her charity positions, but still stayed involved (4). One of the most controversial stories of Diana's work was her support of the British Red Cross anti-landmine campaign (1).

This site attempts to look into the life of the Princess of Wales: Her childhood, marriage, motherhood and untimely death. How she somehow managed to touch so many lives in her journey.