Israel's Withdrawal From Sinai 1979-1982

In 1979, Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty. In exchange, Israel agreed to withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula, in exchange for peace with its neighbor. For over two decades, 7,000 Israelis lived in the Sinai Peninsula.

Many Israelis were opposed to the idea of surrendering land for an unsure peace. More than 3,000 settlers in the town of Yamit opposed withdrawal and violently defied the evacuation of their homes. The IDF forcefully evacuated settlers from Yamit. The images of Israeli civilians being dragged from their homes by Israeli soldiers resonates in the minds of many Israelis and an important symbol of how far Israel is willing to go for peace.

The Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula showed that Israel is willing to make painful sacrifices for peace. By withdrawing from Sinai, Israel gave up:

The map above shows the Sinai Redeployment following the peace treaty with Egypt. Click to enlarge it.