Picture of Jimmy Buffett


Buffett searched to extend the Parrothead experience beyond concerts. Even while recording an average of an album a year, Buffett explored diverse outlets for his creativity and marketed the Margaritaville culture.

The Caribbean Soul line of clothing appeared in 1984. The next year, Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville store opened in Key West. It was a few months later that Buffett mailed 650 copies of Coconut Telegraph, a combination fan newsletter and advertisement. By the end of the decade, the newsletter had 20,000 subscribers.

Street in Key West

Buffett the wordsmith?

Buffet thought that anyone who read his newsletter might also buy a book he wrote. His first book was Jolly Mon, a children's story he co-wrote with his daughter. A collection of short stories, Tales from Margaritaville, was a bestseller a few years later. His first novel, Where is Joe Merchant?, garnered a six-figure advance and was a bestseller in 1992.

Wasted away again...

Margaritaville cafe

By this time, Buffett had opened a Margaritaville cafe in Key West and subsequently in New Orleans, Charleston, and Florida and many more.

Jimmy Buffett is a true lifestyle artist. He is able to transport his fans to “Margaritaville” whether it be at a restaurant, through a Hawaiian shirt, reading a book or at a live performance.