Effects of Global Warming on the Earth

"The evidence to show extreme weather is the result of global warming is overwhelming." -Dr. Ute Collier, head of the WWF's Climate Change Program

Is global warming causing an overall climate change and more violent natural disasters?

This is a heated topic of discussion for scientists around the world. But in a WWF report, Dr. Collier stated: "We got leading scientists to investigate -- we wanted scientists because they're often reluctant to link events such as more floods and the disappearance of Arctic ice to climate change -- and they've said that climate change is clearly having an impact on the frequency and intensity of natural disasters

The Greeenhouse Effect is at an all-time high. Scientists are looking back to a time when "greenhouse gases" were not the problem they are today, and it is giving them a clearer picture of how people are making it worse. Many climate specialists warn that continued warming could have severe impacts, such as rising sea levels and changing rainfall patterns.

Warmer temperature are changing climates, gradually melting glaciers and causing the sea level to rise. And both higher temperatures and the additional water from melted glaciers will lead to a higher sea level because heat makes water expand.