Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

Oak Ridge has numerous parks for community events and enjoyment. These parks include picnic facilities, sports fields, playgrounds, walking trails and more.

The Oak Ridge Greenways is continually adding walkways and bicycle paths along natural corridors that are enjoyed by athletes, nature enthusiasts and all community members.

In addition to visiting parks and participating in outdoor activities, Oak Ridgers enjoy many forms of recreation. Any Oak Ridger will tell you that itís said that the city ďhad a symphony before it had sidewalks.Ē

The Oak Ridge Civic Ballet, Oak Ridge Symphony and Oak Ridge Art Center showcase the talents of community professionals and young stars.

The Oak Ridge Community Playhouse is a popular venue, located in Historic Jackson Square along with unique shops, antique stores and restaurants.

Speaking of great restaurants, no one in Oak Ridge can pass up a great slice of Big Edís Pizza. Some Tennesseans donít even know Oak Ridge helped build the atomic bomb, but they do know it is home to Big Edís.

If you are ever in Oak Ridge, you must stop and visit this community landmark and enjoy an excellent pizza pie.

The Oak Ridge City Swimming Pool is another great local commodity. According to The Jackson-Crockett Company in Nashville, the Oak Ridge pool is ďthe biggest and best municipal swimming pool in America.Ē