Clubs and Activities

Excellence in Education

The Oak Ridge School System was hastily organized along with the city as The Manhattan Project. The situation is described on the school system’s Web site:

“The first superintendent, Dr. Alden H. Blankenship, had only 90 days to recruit staff, secure buildings, and supplies, and establish a curriculum to accommodate the first students in the fall of 1943. By the end of 1944, approximately 11,000 students were enrolled. During the peak period of the city's population, there were ten elementary schools, two junior high schools, one high school, and two nursery schools. The schools also doubled as churches and recreation centers. After the war years, the city's population gradually dropped to its present level of slightly more than 27,000.”

The school system has come a long way from this haphazard beginning, but building on the values of excellence and committment to progress instilled from the induction of the city and its schools, the Oak Ridge School System has become known both state and nation-wide for excellence in education.

Oak Ridge Schools include four elementary schools, two middle schools and one senior high school. The senior high school, Oak Ridge High School, is the focus of the additional information provided here on academics, athletics and activities.