Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans were entered the league as the Houstan Oilers in 1960. In 1997 the Oilers moved to Tennessee, and in 1999 were renamed the Titans.

The Titans current uniforms are the only ones the team has ever known. The Houston Oilers had a couple uniform changes in their existence.


Oilers Uniform

In 1960 they entered the league with baby blue jerseys and helmets. The helmets featured a oil rig logo that would be the logo until the team moved. The helmet color changed from baby blue to silver to white in the teams 37 year existence in Houston.


Current Titans Uniform

When the Tennessee Titans came up with their uniform design and logos, they used many of the same colors that Oilers used in their color scheme.

The Tennessee Titans have retired the following jerseys: #34 Earl Campbell, #43 Jim Norton, #63 Mike Munchak, #65 Elvin Bethea, #74 Bruce Matthews.